Copyright_T_Pierce_Ruth_KayakAbout Ruth A. Musgrave

Ruth A. Musgrave is an award-winning writer and naturalist known for her entertaining and creative approach to animal science.

Freelance writing….

Ruth is the author of 20+ book and the contributing writer for National Geographic Little Kids Magazine, a frequent contributor to National Geographic Kids Magazine and other children’s publications.

 Always has one toe in the ocean!

Ruth (on left) getting ready to dive into the deep-sea

Ruth’s lifelong love of the ocean keeps her motivated as the director of WhaleTimes, Inc. Ruth is the driving force behind WhaleTimes’ creative team. In her usual unusual approach to science, WhaleTimes continues to achieve its goals of connecting kids with ocean animals and ocean research while raising awareness of conservation issues through programs such as the wildly successful holiday Hagfish Day, Creep into the Deep, and Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks a Voice! Ruth is also a proud member of the DEEPEND Research Consortium. DEEPENDblkemail A consortium of amazing scientists and organizations studying the Gulf of Mexico deep sea. DEEPEND sponsored by the Gulf of Mexico Research Institute. She is also part of TEAM VAQUITA with the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Southwest Fisheries Science Center/NOAA Fisheries. TEAM VAQUITA is raising awareness of the critically endangered porpoise — the vaquita. They designated 2017 as the Year of the Vaquita and March is Save the Vaquita month.

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