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Thanks for stopping in. I am a nonfiction writer, specializing in animals. I LOVE it, and am very lucky to be a working writer. You might be wondering how I became a nonfiction writer.

When I was a kid I loved watching fireflies blink and light up dark nights with their secret messages. I never dreamed that some day I’d be in a deep sea submersible watching ocean animals flashing and glowing…or that I’d be lucky enough to spend time with penguins, watch a whale being born, release a rescued and rehabilitated seal, or kayak with sharks.  I certainly never dreamed that  I’d be lucky enough to write about all those animals and experiences! Animals, the ocean, nature, science, and discovering as much as I can about each — that’s what I love. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that lets me discover more every day and share those discoveries with kids.
Fun Announcement: I have THREE books coming out in 2016! Discover how you can protect sharks, read MISSION SHARK RESCUE- available March 2016. Check out Books and Articles to find my most recent books and articles…

Mission Shark Rescue cover
Sink your teeth into ocean conservation with… MISSION SHARK RESCUE by Ruth A. Musgrave, National Geographic Kids (available March 2016)


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